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4 x 4 Caravans & Accessories


Corcis Outdoor Rentals (lessor) enter into a rental agreement with the lessee and agrees as follows:


  • These terms and conditions will be final and binding on the parties from booking date.
  • The caravan is the property of the lessor and received in a good condition with all the accessories/equipment listed as
    per the inventory supplied to the lessee.
  • The lessee undertakes to take care of the caravan with accessories/equipment and to return in exactly the same condition as received.
  • The driver of the towing vehicle is in possession of a valid EB license or higher (except for the Jaguar Zazu 2 which only requires a B license) and proof of this license, with a copy of the ID, and proof of residence not older than 3 months will
    be provided when entering into the agreement.
  • A copy of the itinerary and details of the towing vehicle as well as proof of insurance of such vehicle will be provided by the Lessee to the Lessor.
  • The lessor rents the caravan for the period referred to in the booking form for the amount/s agreed to in the form.
  • The caravan is comprehensively insured by the Lessor, but the lessee stays responsible for the applicable excess/es (Basic 5% of claim min R1000; theft or attempted theft additional 5% to add to basic for the caravan) and for any damages/liabilities that the insurance will not cover. Camping gear which include the refrigerator, the excess is 10% min R500.
  • The lessee understands that the insurance will not cover the caravan if it is not used according to these terms and conditions as well as those of the insurance policy, of which a copy can be requested.
  • Damages caused through negligence by fire, water submersion, salt water, driving on restricted roads, driving under the influence of drugs/and or alcohol, careless, wilful or reckless driving, and any other behaviour that would constitute a crime under SA law, will not be covered by the insurance.
  • If there is an incident/accident it must be immediately reported to the lessor. The lessee will be responsible for the costs as mentioned above. These costs will first be deducted from the refundable deposit (see booking form), and if not sufficient the lessor will pay the rest.
  • The lessor will not replace the damaged caravan in the event where the caravan cannot continue the journey for whatever reason. The refund of fees will be in the sole discretion of the lessor.
  • In the highly unlikely situation of the caravan becoming untenable, prior to the pick-up date, because of unforeseen circumstances the lessor will do his utmost best to accommodate the lessee, but will not be responsible for any damages suffered by the lessee as a result of the non-availability of the caravan except for the refund of all the monies
    paid by the lessee at that point of time.
  • If a booking is made 50% of the rental amount must be paid within 48 hours to secure the booking and all other fees payable 2 weeks prior to pick-up. Payment is by electronic transfer only. No caravan will leave the premises until full/outstanding fees have been paid. Minimum days for rental are 3 days.
  • The refundable deposit will be paid back within 7 days after the caravan has been returned and no damages are found.
  • In the case of cancellation 45 days prior to collection – full refund, if 21 days prior to collection 50% refund, and no show, no refund. If the caravan is returned early for any reason it will be in the discretion of the lessor to refund the lessee pro rata.
  • Pick up and return times must be arranged. Lessee may pick up the caravan after 16:00 on the day before the rental start and return it on the day after the rental before 10:00 am. No collections and returns on weekends or on public
  • No smoking in the caravan or tent, a fine of R2000 will be charged.
  • No candles or open fires in the caravan or close to it.
  • No pets are allowed in caravan.
  • No bicycles are allowed in the caravan.
  • If anything on the inventory list gets broken or missing, it will be replaced and the costs deducted from the refundable deposit. The Lessee will remain liable for any shortfall to cover damages if the refundable deposit is not sufficient.